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Meeting of the DataArt's heroes

20/05/2021 News

Meeting of the authors and heroes of the DataArt project "Mathematical Machines of Armenia".

The company DataArt has come up with an unusual and interesting initiative. In its IT-museum, the company has presented a new exhibition called "Armenian Mathematical Machines". This documentary narration concerning the origin of Armenian cybernetics has more than 400 exhibits. Thanks to the cooperation between and DataArt, some materials that are in Armenian will be presented on our website in the coming days. Meanwhile, met with the authors, performers and heroes of the project on the veranda of the DataArt office in Yerevan.

Over a glass of cognac

These people, gathered around the table and clinking glasses of cognac celebrate not only the successful start of the virtual exhibition, but also the opportunity to finally meet each other.

During the whole year, they collected showpieces and stories, used all of the possible sources and approached anyone who could provide valuable information.

It turned out that there are so many materials that it is better to divide them into two parts. The first part brings together the history of post-war Armenia at the Yerevan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines and the first computers developed there, while the second part presents episodes from the life of Yerevan in the 1960s.

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