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The device records voice information that comes via telephone lines, low frequency outputs of radio and radio-relay stations and similar communication channels.

It is used in objects that impose high requirements to information security and provides an objective control over the state and activity of channels.


Functional capabilities

The device ensures:

  • automatic recording of sound signals,
  • recorded information listening,
  • reproduction of records on the monitor screen that allows to view and edit signal oscillograms.

Technical characteristics

  • number of simultaneously recorded channels 16
  • digitization frequency 8 kHz
  • recordable signal frequency band 300-3400 Hz
  • recordable signals dynamic range 01-10 V
  • data compression when writing to HDD in MP3 format 10-12 times
  • HDD memory space needed for continuous  recording via 16 channels during one day 5 GB

The software works under "Windows" and ensures:

  • control of channels' connection to «KAYTS-M1» with break notification;
  • automatic registration of record start and end and channel's number;
  • database maintenance with the ability to search, play and sort records by various criteria, such as channel number, date and record duration;
  • individual program control of record start threshold's parameters with channel's activity indication;
  • records search and playback without interrupting the recording;
  • making backup copies of records on external storage devices.

The device consists of:

  • 16-channel analog-digital converter that is inserted in PCI slot of an IBM PC compatible computer;
  • coupler that ensures lines commutation and conditioning;
  • communication cable;
  • software.