Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

Starting Point

In the early 1950s, the first steps in the creation of electronic computing equipment in the USSR were made, when "MESM", "BESM", "STRELA", "M-1", "M-2", "M-3" and "URAL" computers were created, which laid the foundation for the creation and further development of computer technology in the USSR.

In 1956, began the second decade of computer technology.

If in the first decade computers were used only for scientific and technical calculations, then in 1956 these machines began to be used for information processing. In the 1950s, computer technology specialists began training at two universities in Moscow. It should be noted that the basis of technology in the USSR were laid by academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences S. Lebedev, V. Glushkov, corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Sciences I. Brooke, N. Matyukhin, Doctor-Professors B. Kagan, M. Shura-Buran, Yu. Bazilevski, B. Rameev, M. Kartsev and others.

It was during this period that computer processing and manufacturing centers were established in the country in Moscow, Kiev, Penza, Minsk and Kazan.

Computing technology, as a new direction of science and technology, entered Armenia in 1956, from the day of the establishment of the Yerevan Computer Research Development Institute, which later gained great momentum and development, bringing great fame to our republic.