Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

Institute activities

The first major tasks of the institute were solved in 1956 in the "Regulations of YCRDI" approved by the USSR Ministry of Instrumentation and Automation.

According to these provisions, the following main tasks were assigned to the institute:

1. Implementation of scientific - research, theoretical and design-constructive works.

2 ․ Organization of the production of developed electronic digital mathematical machines.

3 ․ Development of state standards and creation of documents related to the requirements of mathematical machines for the Ministry.

4 . Examination and discovery of the requirements of electronic mathematical digital machines for the national economy of the USSR.

5 . The study of experience and information on local and foreign technology of mathematical machines.

6 ․ Promotion of the direction for inventions of mathematical machines by giving confinement to the proposed inventions.

7 ․ Organization of events to improve the scientific qualifications of the Institute staff.

These were the main tasks that were assigned to the newly established research institute, which had not yet been replenished with specialists. And the time, when the institute had to prove that it was capable not only of solving such problems, but also of solving much more complicated issues for the country, was close.

Already in the first decade of its existence, the Institute, with its scientific and technical level, complex and large-scale work, proved that it can keep up with the world's scientific and technological progress.