Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

"Yerevan" EC

In 1960, the development and testing of the "Yerevan" universal electronic computer were completed.

The computer had more modest indicators, but according to other indicators, it could compete with the “Strela” and “Ural” machines. The experimental model of the machine "Yerevan" was made at the experimental plant of the Institute and used at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute to solve problems of calculating the propellers of ships, and its serial  production was not organized. 

As part of the machine "Yerevan" used the same type of RAM device with a capacity of 1024, which was also used in the "Aragats" computer.

In the development of the machine "Yerevan" participated: Kirill Vetorkin, Seda Baghdasaryan, Lena Badalyan, Eduard Ghazaryan, Harutyun Kochyan, Karo Zmblyan, Nina Abakumova, Sargis Mkrtchyan, Karlen Tataryan, Ashot Kalantaryan, Samvel Petrosyan, Joseph Palyan and others.