Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute


"Karin" is a mobile automated command-staff complex (MACC).


  • High maneuverability of the command and control bodies of the Armed Forces in comfortable and combat conditions, which contributes to an increase in the efficiency of control of the operation (battle) by the officials at the liberated command posts;
  • Command actions of the combat unit (brigade, regiment, separate battalion) in the preparation and conduction of the battle;
  • Operational, continuous, stable and covert command and control of the troops, when connected to the telecommunication network of a nodal connection, as well as, if necessary, with certain restrictions, means of own communication and data exchange,
  • The software ensures the operation of MACC in the ASU-V2 environment, operating in the RA Armed Forces, as a portable ACS facility.
  • Organization of interaction of forces and means involved in solving combat missions, centralized control of cooperative (including non-automated) units participating in combat;
  • Documentation, recording (archiving) of radio information that are exchanged during the actions in ACS-V2, as well as information protection of all the types of information exchange channels.

The work of the MACC is designed for difficult climatic and mechanical conditions.