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"Garant-1EthV" - "IP" - is a device for cryptographic protection of telephone communications.

The device "Garant-1 EthV" is designed to provide guaranteed cryptographic protection of audio information in IP telephony. It can be used to establish a secret corporate telephone connection with the use of IP networks.

Operation of the device is designed for difficult climatic and mechanical conditions.

Information protection

  • The device provides guaranteed linear signal protection.
  • A new session key is automatically generated at the end of each connection session.
  • The device uses a certified cryptographic information encryption algorithm, adapted to the functions of IP telephony (real-time voice communication).
  • The encryption key is 256 bits long and is based on the principle of public distribution of Diffie-Hellman keys.
  • It is possible to change the settings of secret keys directly by the subscriber using a special device for downloading BBS-3 keys.

In exploitation.