Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

Scientific and Technical Center N2

 CJSC "YCRDI" is specialized in the field of information technologies, performing works on development, production and outside drainage of scientific and technical products of a wide range.

The creation of new samples of scientific and technical products is carried out by the enterprise as per technical order of the customer, and in an initiative manner at the expense of our own resources.

The capabilities of the enterprise allow performing complex works at all phases of creation scientific and technical products - from design to sample testing.

YCRDI carries out author's supervision of the process of operation of products, as well as their modernization and development.

In the structure of the company function 4 scientific and technical centers.


Deals with the development, implementation and servicing automated information training, information and analytical systems and various applications, as well as software packages for special destination and databases using modern information technologies:

  • system integrating databases of the police. Within the frames of these works, registration of voters, also registration of state and population, etc. are developed.
  • automated system of civil service in which all state donation institutions of the republic are operated.
  • "ARAKS" pension payment programs and their personified account "PARNAS".
  • means of assessment program for families and the designation of benefits of "PAROS".
  • computer self-education system "USUM" for computer literacy improvement. The system is installed in all 1370 schools of Armenia.
  • e-governmental project as an example for practical implementation in Russia and Armenia.
  • electronic library system "EL- GRAD ", which allows you to perform all of the functions of libraries without exception. It is installed in the largest library of the country named after A. Isahakyan.
  • automated information systems of the RA Investigative Committee, designed to use digital information technologies to create digital tools for performing and managing functions in the RA Investigative Committee.